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    Site Rules

    Post by Raichii on Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:30 pm

    I don't want to, but if you can't follow these rules, I'll have to ban you for a week. Obviously if you continue breaking the rules after that, the punishment will get worse.

    1.) Keep things PG 13. Kids may be viewing this site.

    2.) No cussing. This rule kinda goes with rule 1, but I'm stating it just so we have a clear understanding. I don't like cussing, and several other members may not like it either.

    3.) No killing other members unless they have authorized it. If you want your own character killed off so you can make another character, please PM me.

    4.)No god-modding please. Meaning your character can't be invincible or anything. The only reason I myself would be doing so (which isn't often) would be to progress a plot line. The plot line is to make things exciting for you as members.

    5.) You cannot control the character of another member.

    6.) This isn't exactly a rule, but please refrain from visiting another hidden village too often. If you have been given a mission that takes place in another village then fine, but otherwise, you must have an extremely good reason to be in another hidden village. The ninja of that village have the right to attack if you trespass.

    7.) Rogue ninja, please keep your attacks at a minimum. You can do things such as rob people (they can defend themselves, so no cheating please) But please refrain from big stuff like attacking a hidden village; If a village is being attacked every other day, members will become bored and it may ruin my entire plot line.

    8.) Also, as a rogue ninja, most would try and keep a low profile, otherwise they would constantly be on the move, running from ninja who have been assigned to bring them to justice. A ninja may have a mission to kill off a criminal, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will happen.

    9.) You aren't allowed to RP as an actual character from the anime show, nor would I like you to use characters from other anime.

    Oh yeah, and most RP will be written like so:

    Action: *Paul grabbed an apple*

    Speaking: "I love apples!"

    Thoughts: But this one seems a little bruised...


    But feel free to Rp however you feel comfortable.

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