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    Kukiko Kame


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    Kukiko Kame

    Post by Kukiko on Sun Aug 22, 2010 3:06 am

    Basic Information

    Name: Kame, Kukiko
    Age: 19
    Zodiac: Taurus
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Kame Clan

    Physical Appearance: Kukiko has shoulder length, snow white hair. Her hair is goes to her shoulders in the front but gets shorter in the back. Her bangs slightly cover her dark eyes. Her eye color is a mixture of chocolate brown and dark red(called "Red Chocolate") which is quite pretty with her facial features. Kukiko's skin tone is a pale peach color that fits with her snow hair and chocolate red eyes. Having a slender figure and an hourglass shape, gives her better ability of her flexibility. She normally wears her normal ninjas clothes when she's within the village then wears her old Black Ops outfit and the matching mask when out and about and can be seen wearing a silver locket with black rose engraved in it.

    Personality: Kukiko has a bitter personality. One can't really call her self-centered, she just doesn't care. She fearless, merciless, but has a very small tolerance level. She'd rather be messing with a toy of her's than doing something she is assigned to do. Kukiko is extremely stubborn and quite secretive. She doesn't let people get in her way and takes pride in crushing her opponents that she has even recorded on how many she has defeated or lost to them. She's quick and sneaky but when the time comes, she comes head-strong and a fearless leader while all of the other times, she's slacking on her duties and just messing around acting like she's still a ANBU Black Op. Kukiko is dark and merciless. She won't take no for an answer and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She's always angry and never smiles much less smirks or show any facial expression expect annoyance, irritation, anger, or anything of that nature. She is serious and never jokes and doesn't have a sense of humor, period. She believes that anything good is complete bull and loves chaos more than anything.

    Rank Information
    Rank: Mizukage
    Village: Kirigakure no Sato [The Hidden Mist Village]

    Skill Information

    Skill Groups

    Physical: Tertiary
    -Strength: Second
    -Speed: First
    -Stamina/Endurance: Third

    Mental: Primary
    -Intelligence: First
    -Tactics: Second
    -Willpower: Third

    Chakra: Secondary
    -Control: Second
    -Power: First
    -Reserves: Third

    Skill Specialty:
    Primary: Ninjustu
    Secondary: Puppeetry
    Tertiary: Medical Ninjutsu

    Elemental Affinity: Lightning [Raiton]

    Special Characteristics: She is extremely flexible making dodging easier for her though

    - 5 Shurikens
    - 6 Kunais
    - 3 Rolls of Explosive Tags
    - 1 Pair of Smokebombs


    Pre-Academy: Kukiko's childhood is a complete secret. She just suddenly appeared at the village gates covered in blood which mostly her own. From the little details that she gave out here and there, it could be told that her old village was a dark place filled with tainted hands of many people. Dark thoughts could easily fill even the most purest minds. No one knows about her family, parents, her old home or anything really. She never talked about it and always told people, she didn't know.

    Academy: During the academy, Kukiko was the one in the back, never spoke and always had perfect grades and was the star student. She never had friends and had always been teased about it not to mention from having no family or parents, the teased got worse though it didn't effect her much. She went through her whole academy days like this, and the route never got old to her. Being the star in her school didn't seem to make her smile much, neither did when she became the star of the academy and went up level after level, quicker than many before her. She graduate the academy by the age of 8.

    After Academy: After being a Genin at age eight, she went through the other steps quickly as well, signaling she was a natural ninja and very gifted in some areas. Though during a normal routine mission with her team and sensai, a horrible accident occurs causing Kukiko to come back alone. She, still today, won't tell anything that happened to her teammates and sensai who's bodies were never found. She became a Chuunin at age twelve then become a Jounin not long after that then quickly making her way up to an ANBU level then Black Ops. That's the time were her true colors came out, her merciless ways, her cold looks, and her skills as a ninja. Then on her nineteenth birthday, her appearance at the village, she was assigned the seat as the Mizukage which she, many times, denied the position and had to be forced to take the position. No one knew why she didn't want to take the position, though some thought that it was because she enjoyed being in the Black Ops while others thought it was because she just didn't want it.

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    Re: Kukiko Kame

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