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    Anya Haruno


    Anya Haruno

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    Anya Haruno

    Post by Anya Haruno on Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:58 am

    Basic Info

    Name: Anya Haruno
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Kekkei Genkai: (None at the moment)
    Village of Allegiance: Sunagakure (Hidden Sand Village)
    Rank: Kazekage
    Specialty: Medical Arts with her natural Taijutsu
    Chakra Element: Wind [Fuuton]

    Background Info

    Personality: Anya acts like she's mature for her age. When meeting someone new, she seems to be as if she's descending from royalty itself although once friends, she acts like a normal person who's fun to be around. Always trying to carry a smile, she tends to want to help those in need. Although, those who tend to want to look down on her or want to try and test her skills, they'll find when in a match of a fight, her personality switches to someone determined to win at all costs.

    Likes:Green tea, Walking around the village, Meeting new people

    Dislikes: Rudeness, Spiders, Theives

    Fears: Spiders

    Looks: Long, blonde hair which flows down near her shoulders. Brown eyes and flawless skin which she always takes care of. She's tall for her age and has an average body. Being that her looks mean something to her, she tends to take care of herself always.

    History: Anya was born with a bloodline under the former leader of the Village Hidden in the Sand on her mother's side of the family. Being that her father was a rougue shinobi, she was kept under constant guard as a child. Until one night, as she was in the family bath house, her father attempted to drown his own daughter to speak out against the village, although her mother interferred yet saved her life, but at the price of her own. Her father was exectued by the village shinobi the next morning as Anya atteneded her mother's funeral at the age of 15. Ever since that night, Serena has no problem with water itself, although fears staying under for too long. Being raised up to lead the village for 4 years until the faithful day of accepting the title Kazekage, Anya has learned much in her lifetime and has sworn to protect her people and lead the village with peace.


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    Re: Anya Haruno

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