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    Varen Kire


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    Varen Kire

    Post by Varen on Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:08 am

    Basic Information

    Name: Kire, Varen
    Age: 12
    Zodiac: (this is optional)
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Kire


    Physical appearance: Varen has dark brown hair and umber eyes. She's very skinny, to the point where she is slightly over the unhealthy mark. She wears glasses and has two or three pairs of these. She prefers wearing black, white, and red, and is usually dressed for academy work. Varen usually has her hair in a ponytail, and wears black ninja shoes.

    Personality: Varen is a usually very quiet person. She only talks when it is appropriate, and even then, can be quiet or stuttery. She tries to avoid conflict, but appears to result to instinct when in combat. Varen can be seen usually holding 'doll' of some sort, usually resembling a rabbit. In her free time, she either starts making more puppets or works with her puppets. She hangs out with Raiden's group, and is fine with blending into the background with them. She hates watching her friends fight, and will very rarely speak up to stop it. Varen is happiest when with her friends, or with her puppets.

    Rank Information
    Rank: Academy Student
    Village: Konohagakure no Sato [The Hidden Leaf Village]

    Skill Information
    Skill Groups
    Physical: 3rd
    -Strength: 2nd
    -Speed: 1st
    -Stamina/endurance: 3rd
    Mental: 2nd
    -Intelligence: 1st
    -Tactics: 2nd
    -Willpower: 3rd
    Chakra: 1st
    -Control: 1st
    -Power: 3rd
    -Reserves: 2nd
    Skill Speciality:
    Primary: Puppetry
    Secondary: Kenjutsu
    Tertiary: Genjutst
    Elemental Affinity: Earth [Doton]
    Special Characteristics:
    * Fast: very skinny, offering little wind resistance
    * Wooden and stuffed puppets: Main weapons/friends. Can't use fully metal puppets, as well as corpses or bodies.

    Pre-Academy: Varen was always the odd one out. The normal kids would avoid her when playing because she 'Didn't play right'. Her parents always wanted her to be a great ninja, specifically in Genjutsu. Varen fell in love with puppets when she saw a marionette at a village fair. She asked her parents for it, and they refused. Therfore, Varen created Doru.
    Academy: Varen entered the academy, where she met Mitsukai, Kiara, and Raiden. She grouped with them, and began work on Mr. Usagi. She barely passes the participation part of class, but aces intelligence exams. Her parents bug her about her puppets, pushing her to be a Genjutsu expert. Mr. Usagi is her current project, and she aims to graduate and become a ninja.
    After Academy: Not there yet :)

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    Re: Varen Kire

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