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    Shizuko Inuzuka



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    Shizuko Inuzuka

    Post by Shizuko on Tue Jan 25, 2011 1:30 am

    Basic Information

    Name: Inuzuka, Shizuko
    Age: 12
    Zodiac: Aquarius
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Inuzuka/Arakaki

    Physical appearance: Shizuko has midnight black hair and jet black eyes. With her peach skin tone, her features work together all around. Shizuko always has bangs that shape her face and always keeps her hair long so that it goes past her midback about 3 meters. She also has the Inuzuka clan marks on her cheeks.

    Personality: Many who know Shizuko agree she is possibly crazy. She is known to not only march to a different drummer, she makes up new music as she goes along. She is a 'mind oriented' individual, whose thoughts never stop tick-tocking over. She is a very mysterious and an unusual person. She marches to the beat of her own drum. She sees life in a different way. Others quite frequently think her habits and ideas are eccentric or crazy in some way, but it is this uniqueness that makes her so special. Her mind is extremely quick and she never seems to stop thinking. She is very loyal to those around her nonetheless and whoever is with her, never have a boring time with her and can have a hard time keeping up with her mentally. She has a bad habit of letting her mouth run and letting unintentional rude comments out of her mouth. She is relatively calm most of the time.

    Rank Information

    Rank: Genin
    Village: Konohagakure no Sato [The Hidden Leaf Village]

    Skill Information

    Skill Groups
    Physical: Tertiary
    -Strength: Third
    -Speed: First
    -Stamina/endurance: Second
    Mental: Primary
    -Intelligence: First
    -Tactics: Second
    -Willpower: Third
    -Control: First
    -Power: Second
    -Reserves: Third
    Skill Speciality:
    Primary: Medical Ninjutsu
    Secondary: Ninjutsu
    Tertiary: Taijustu
    Elemental Affinity: --
    Special Characteristics: It is said that Shizuko has an IQ over 270 and seems to have an extra chakra amount and very flexible.

    3 rolls over explosive tags
    12 kunais
    Several unknown items


    Pre-Academy:Born and raised in the leaf village, Shizuko was born from two different clans. Her father was from the Arakaki Clan and her mother was from the Inuzuka Clan. Her mother was wild and full of confidence while her father was calm and kind which balanced each other out and Shizuko inherited those traits from each of her parents. Her parents being from two different clans, they led two different lives which caused Shizuko to having to go back and forth between the two clans. She was always stuck in between the two clans but she got used to it quite quickly but when she decided to go into the ninja academy, she told her parents she was going to stay with her mother. She often helped her mother with the dogs that her mother raised and eventually got one given to her for a present named Chie.
    Academy: Shizuko was that calm girl who never really talked throughout class. She didn't really get along with anyone or not get along with anyone until that one day she got into a huge fight at the academy. One of her classmates kicked Chie earlier and that caused Shizuko is basically loose it. Shizuko has always loved animals, especially canines. After the fight, that's when her class days started to change because she got enemies and got friends. Her class would always be half and half against each other so it was always a competition between one another but it was fun nonetheless at times. Their sensei would always be stressed out but it fun watching him explode at Shizuko and someone else.
    After Academy:Shizuko was placed on a three-man squad with a sensei once she graduated from the academy. She wasn't too thrilled on actually having to do more work in the beginning since now she had to helped her mother with the dogs in the clan but she was proud of herself that she got through the academy and her own personality started to show more the more missions she went on with her teammates.

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    Re: Shizuko Inuzuka

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