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    Kiara Hayashi


    Academy Student

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    Kiara Hayashi

    Post by Kiara on Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:18 am

    Basic Info

    Name: Kiara Hayashi
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Kekkei Genkai:
    Village of Allegiance: Konohagakure no Sato [The Hidden Leaf Village]

    Rank: Academy Student
    Specialty: Weaponry
    Chakra Element: Wind

    Background Info

    Personality: Kiara is a person who most people like, however she only chooses to align herself with a certain crowd and to everyone else, she's actually distant. A quiet type unless you get to know her, she's also the type to surround herself with plants and very much enjoys anywhere outside. When kept in a room for too long, she even begins stretching all over the place yearning to go out in the wide open world.

    Likes: Flowers, The Moon, Music, Her friends, Books

    Dislikes: Liars, Her father,Being kept inside

    Fears: Spiders


    She has blonde hair down to her shoulders, although she usually keeps the back up in a bun. Her skin is usually a good shade, being that she stays out in the sun and hr eyes are a lovely shade of baby blue.


    Kiara was raised by both her loving parents, Miyu & Hanzo, who owned a flower shop in the village. However, Hazo had a heart disease which took him away from Kiara when she was 8. It took a few months, but eventually Kiara got over the loss with her mother's help and with meeting a new group of friends who now attend the academy with her. She hopes to one day b a great kunoichi with a mastery of weapons, and then travel the world seeing all the different sites to see in the villages scattered throughout the world.


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    Re: Kiara Hayashi

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