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    Tsukiko Ayumu


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    Tsukiko Ayumu

    Post by Tsukiko on Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:12 am

    Basic Information

    Name: Ayumu, Tsukiko
    Age: 26
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Ayumu Clan

    Looks: (See Picture in signature)
    Physical appearance: Long, orange red hair that she usually wears in a ponytail unless her assignment calls for her to otherwise. Her skin is beautiful, mainly being that anyone who comes close enough to give her a scar usually dies before they can take another breath. She has a purple color of eyes which are a genetic trait passed down in her clan, and are also the source of her kekai genkai, Shiryoku Kankei Juyou, which allows her to control the will of another person or being, but requires direct eye contact to use.

    Personality: Tsukiko is a somewhat hard to understand character. She tries not to get close to people, but for the good reason that she doesn't want to lose someone close. She's a killer on the inside, which means she has little if no earthly attachments, and death holds no power over her emotions. She absoulutely hates when anyone touches her sword, which was left to her in her father's will.

    Rank Information
    Rank: Jounin/Rouge Ninja/Akatsuki
    Village: Kumogakure no Sato [The Hidden Cloud Village]: She left after her family's murderers weren't brought to justice by the former village leader.

    Skill Information
    Skill Groups (Point out which group is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd as far as your character's strengths, and do the same for the subgroups as well.)
    Physical: 3rd
    -Strength: 3rd
    -Speed: 1st
    -Stamina/endurance: 2nd
    Mental: 1st
    -Intelligence: 2nd
    -Tactics: 1st
    -Willpower: 3rd
    Chakra: 2nd
    -Control: 1st
    -Power: 2nd
    -Reserves: 3rd
    Skill Speciality:
    Primary: Kenjutsu
    Secondary: Clan Based Jutsu/Genjutsu
    Tertiary: Taijutsu
    Elemental Affinity: Water [Suiton]
    Special Characteristics:
    *Dead-On Aim: Due to source of her family's power being the eyes, she uses her chakra to enhance her vision sometimes, allowing to her to hit a target with no chance at missing
    *Extremely Nimble: She has the slim female figure, and spent days in a river swimming up a rocky current to train her flexibility

    Weapons :
    Throwing Stars

    Pre-Academy: Tsukiko was born into a family of 3: Her mother: Emiko, father: Makato , and twin sister: Katsuki. They had a happy life in their village, with her father being a respected jounin in the village. Tsukiko and Katsuki were inseperable from birth, always playing with each other and never liking being apart. Although their father was always busy being deployed on missions, their mother did her best to keep the girls safe and teach them all that they needed to survive in the world.
    Academy: Tsukiko and Katsuki entered the academy together, although from the beginning, it was clear Katsuki didn't have the same skills as her sister. Tsukiko showed exceptional talents in her training and when the day came for them to graduate, it was no surprise that she was quickled recommended for the chunin exams. As they both grew and ranked up in their villages, it was the day both of them became jounin that would change their lives forever.
    After Academy:
    Upon the day to become jounin, Tsukiko, Katsuki, and Emiko received word from Makato that he had been targeted by rougue shinobi who'd broken out of prison and that they were not safe at home. Before they could be evacuated by the village shinobi or before Makato had returned from a previous mission, the rougues attacked their home, and in the process, Katsuki and Emiko were both murdered, right infront of Tsukiko's eyes. As Makato returned home to find they'd escaped and left him with only a blood-stained daughter, he was over stricken with grief. A month after, he took his own life, leaving Tsukiko to live on her own and fend for herself. When the time came for the rougue shinobi to be brought to justice, the village leader sentenced them to an endless prison sentence. Tsukiko spoke out against this, for she believed they deserved to be put to death, but to no avail. After seeing that her village would never be the way she wanted and was forever stained with the blood of her family, she simply left one day. Months of wandering through the world brought her many experiences, as she spent little time in villages, and killed anyone that dared cross her. Word of mouth spread of a crystal eyed killer in the lands and she would laugh when anyone asked her about the person. Eventually, she was approached by none other than the Akatsuki. The thought of roaming the lands with a partned didn't agree with her, but the sound of killing more excited her. She agreed and to this day, the Crystal Eyed Kunoichi roams the lands, killing those who shes fit to die and completing missions that would make others sick to the stomach.

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    Re: Tsukiko Ayumu

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