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    Karasuma, Sadako


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    Karasuma, Sadako

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    Basic Information

    Name: Karasuma Sadako
    Age: 18
    Zodiac: Cancer
    Gender: female
    Clan: Karasuma

    Looks: The one in the middle
    Physical appearance: Sadako has raven hair and bangs that fall into her face. She has really pale skin (almost a pasty paper white color), and very light blue eyes (Because SHE IS BLIND)with red accents that out line the bottom rim of her eyes. She is about 5'5 in height with a slender/semi muscular build. She has a well rounded/slender face with pale pink cheeks and lips.

    Personality: Sadako's strengths are adaptability, loyalty, genuine attachment to a family, and empathy. Her weaknesses include moodiness, sensitivity, and emotional outbursts and indecisiveness.

    Sadako often masquerades her emotions with humor. Laughing is a common disguise used by her to hide signs of depression. She often will set their aspirations high. Constant struggles for success and achievement lay beneath the exterior her shell.

    They will either shed tears openly or just completely shut down when hurt. When a Sadako is hurt you will not be able to break through the exterior shell.

    Rank Information
    Rank: Chuunin ANBU operative
    Konohagakure no Sato [The Hidden Leaf Village]

    Skill Information
    Skill Groups (Point out which group is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd as far as your character's strengths, and do the same for the subgroups as well.)
    -Strength: 3
    -Speed: 2
    -Stamina/endurance: 1
    -Intelligence: 1
    -Tactics: 2
    -Willpower: 2
    -Control: 1
    -Power: 3
    -Reserves: 2
    Skill Speciality:
    Primary: Ninjutsu
    Secondary: Taijutsu
    Tertiary: Fuuinjutsu (seals)
    Elemental Affinity: Lightning [Raiton]

    Special Characteristics: She focuses chakra into her feet sending a wave of vibrations that enable her to see and determine her opponent's next move while in combat. Another handy thing that she can do is tell whether the person is lying or not by sensing the vibrations of the person's heart or the sound of their voice.

    -Konoha chakra blade
    -Hidden Blade
    -Wakizashi (Short sword)
    -Explosive tags
    -Smoke bombs

    Pre-Academy: She lived a normal childhood even though she was born blind. She was often teased as a kid causing her to have low self esteem issues.
    Academy: While her parents were against her becoming a shinobi, she set out to prove them wrong developing a way to see (sending chakra through her feet to sense vibrations). She excelled in her studies becoming one of the top graduating students of her class.
    After Academy: The jonin of her squad was rather laid back, but stern when he needed to be. The first time her squad met him...he had a hang over and eventually passed out in the middle of one of his speeches to them. Her squad was sent on numerous D missions. Not much action happened on their end.
    Team members:
    - Sonoske Tanaka
    - Tomoe Koga

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    Re: Karasuma, Sadako

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