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    Hitori Oto


    Hitori Oto

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    Hitori Oto

    Post by Hitori Oto on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:30 pm

    Name: Hitori Oto
    Registration ID: 12576
    Age: 15
    Birthday: October 16
    Gender: Female
    Blood Type: O-
    Height: 165.5 cm
    Weight: 44 kg
    Hair: Black and Red. Layered and down to elbows
    Eyes: Black (white parts of the eyes) and a piercing blue (the actual color)
    Home: Konoha
    Rank: Genin
    Chakra Element: Agressive and Reserved
    Family: Oto is her adopted last name, isn't interested in finding family.
    Personality: Seems detatched. Is a very confused person, considering her inability to understand humans.
    Life Story: Hitori was very young, about three, when a strange man stole her away from her family. In the Sound village, he tested his new jutsus on her to see if they would work on a normal person. After a bit of tweaking, the man was finally able to make his perfect little monster with the powers of sound. By the age of 10, Hitori had barely had any human interaction whatsoever, causing her to be socially immature. Because of the testing, Hitori is extremely afraid of people coming near
    her neck. She doesn't trust easily. At age 11, a group of Konoha spies escaped with Hitori. Sadly, the agents were killed before they got inside the village gates. Hitori got through successfully, where she was found by the Hokage. Seeing her problem, he took her in and gave her a place to live until she graduated.
    Strength : 10
    Has relatively good strength, considering her age
    Constitution : 14
    Is kind of hardy, except when it comes to illnesses involving the throat
    Stamina : 12
    Doesn't enjoy putting forth too much physical exertion, but can if forced to
    Agility : 7
    Has a low agility, yet is flexible. Isn't very fast
    Dexterity : 9
    Isn't the best with weapons, and can be very clumsy
    Intelligence : 12
    Is very intelligent, except when it comes to people
    Wisdom : 14
    Because of her past, Hitori has a better understanding of cruelty and abuse
    Charisma : 6
    Not many people find Hitori attractive, at least in the sense of personality or outgoingness
    Comeliness : 12
    Hitori is good looking. Some say her looks Rival Uchiha Sasuke's

    Powers: Specializes in Jutsu having to do with sound or music - Because Hitori was taken by a scientist as a child, she has a strange obsession with sounds (especially metal or music). She has acquired many jutsu concerning sound, ranging from ninjutsu to genjutsu. Because of this, her taijutsu isn't the best.
    Summoning Technique - Hitori's strange obsession with sound has lead her to find that bats find their way around using echo location. An extremely large bat once took her in and trained her to use this technique in the dark. This same bat is the one that she summons, but only in emergencies.
    Good Singing Voice- Hitori's obsession with sound and music introduced her to singing. After years of practice, Hitori can sing amazingly, and even uses her voice in battle.

    Flaws: Extreme Succestibility to Throat Illnesses- Even though Hitori has a great voice, she also has an extreme weakness to throat related problems. Drainage, Strep Throat, you name it.
    Don't-Come-Near-My-Neck-Phobia- Hitori Has an extreme fear of people touching her neck. If any one even points at it she gets scared. Usually her reaction is to either a) freeze and hope for the best b) slap and run or c) spaz until the person stops.
    Bad Human Interaction (Socially Immature) - Hitori Doesn't have a disease that causes this. Because she was taken by the scientist when she was young, she didn't have a chance to see how humans acted. This causes the inability to act like most other people. She has feelings, but doesn't know how to express them. She also doesn't know how to react to a problem concerning people. Basically, she is book-smart smart, and people stupid.

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    Re: Hitori Oto

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